Rewriting the rules of how we come together.

Pinya is modernizing the meeting experience through AI


Learned Preferences

Pinya makes recommendations on where to go based on your preferences and the preferences of the people you are meeting. No more back and forth coordination because someone started a new diet. Learned preferences are based on the type of venue for the occasion, ambiance, cuisine, dietary restrictions, price point, proximity, venue amenities like WiFi, pet friendly...


Reserve access to the previously inaccessible

PINYA lets you reserve at your traditional restaurant and extends to unconventional space such as coffee shops, hotel lounges, food halls, coworking space, bars, and beyond.


One Stop Shop

The PINYA app will let you search, pre-order, reserve, pay, and review for your designated venue. Using PINYA incentivizes venue owners to provide customers with impeccable service.

Revolutionary Value

Owners Win Too

Guaranteed returns on your reservation, guaranteed turnover time, actionable insights on customer habits, and added streams of income are just some of the many benefits that venue owners have with PINYA.


Limited available access to the exclusive launch of PINYA.